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You can make a financial donation or investment, lease properties or engage us to manage properties, provide discounted professional services or volunteer.

Any money donated or invested will be used to help us build or acquire new homes.

We want to create a pipeline of new build projects:

  • We want to build 20 homes per year for the next five years.
  • We can borrow up to 70% of the cost of each project.
  • We need to raise 30% of the cost of each project.
  • So we need $4 million for each project every year.
  • Every donation or investment helps us reach this target.
  • For every dollar given to Dwell, we bring another $2.

Dwell is a leader in housing innovation and mixed communities (social housing and shared equity for first home buyers), and we have been building homes for 10 years. We want to supply more homes for our community.

You can also help to raise our profile by spreading the word about what we do. If you know anyone who has the time, resources or finances that could help Dwell please tell them about us. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn


Donate to Dwell to help us continue to provide for our community in need. Donations to Dwell will help us finance new homes, or directly improve the life of our tenants.

A $20 donation would provide a plant for a communal garden, a $100 donation would supply paint to decorate a room and a $1000 donation would buy a shower enclosure for a bathroom.  Big or small any support for our work has an impact. 

Our community housing model is a proven one. As has been shown internationally, the community housing sector is a successful way of increasing the supply of low-cost housing. 

See also benefits of community housing.

How you can donate to Dwell

  • Make a safe and secure online donation through our Givealittle page - a receipt will be generated. 
  • Send a cheque to us at Dwell, PO Box 24-179, Manners Street, Wellington 6142.
  • Internet banking. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for our bank account details.


Lending Dwell money is a powerful way for you to help us build more homes and help people in need.

We offer a 2% return on loans over $250,000 for a five-to-ten-year term, coupled with the opportunity to invest in our organisation and the community we serve. Any saving in interest rates makes a big difference to our ability to do more. Investing via a low or no interest loan, will reduce Dwell’s interest costs, enabling us to invest more into new developments and provide more homes. 

“We saw huge housing need in our city but wondered how we could help. We’re thrilled to know that by lending money to Dwell we are making a difference for people in need.” Investor

Partner with us 

Dwell seeks to increase its capacity by forming new partnerships and strengthening collaboration in the government, private, and not-for-profit sectors.

Partnerships enable Dwell to share resources and expertise to increase the opportunities to provide more affordable housing. We can demonstrate the strength and reliability of Dwell as a partner and our ability to deliver on opportunities.

Forming partnerships is a key part of our future and we welcome any opportunity to talk and explore ideas.

“It’s a real privilege for us to be working with Dwell. They are motivated for all the right reasons and they are doing really important work out there. One of the unique things about Dwell is the way they support their tenants. Dwell are extremely good at knowing who their tenants are and working with their tenants and looking after their tenants.” Simon Novak — Director, Novak+Middleton Architects

“ We have really enjoyed working with Dwell Housing Trust this year. When we first heard their mantra "live well, be well, do well – Dwell” it just sat right with us, not just as a small business but also as a family. We know how important healthy homes are and the difference they can make to people's lives. Their project is such a positive change in the community of Kilbirnie and we loved seeing it come to life." Curtain and Blinds Services. 

Volunteer with us 

There are lots of exciting opportunities to volunteer with Dwell. Our volunteers do a variety of things, including, communications and administration work, apply for funding, gardening, provide architectural and building advice and much more.

Examples of recent volunteers: Shirley is a business analyst, and she undertook a project which helped us analyse the performance of our homes. Trevor is retired and helps us with our communications work and funding applications. He says: "I enjoy working for a cause I believe in - I found the end of my full-time role with an education union strangely hard.  I can work to my own timetable and I find the people at the trust very congenial company and always positive."

We make volunteering a two-way street by making sure it benefits you and your family as much as the work we do. Dedicating your time as a volunteer will make you new friends, expand your network, and have fun with nice people.

For more information, please contact Alison Cadman, Chief Executive, on 04 384 4854 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alison will be happy to discuss any of the above options.




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Dwell Housing Trust provides affordable, quality housing for people in need or on a low income. We are more than a landlord - we ensure our tenants have access to the support they need and want to live well, do well and be well.

We believe that affordable, stable and healthy housing is a fundamental right, and that appropriate housing has long-lasting benefits for the people living within those households and the wider community.

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