Amanda and Louise

Amanda-Louise-Wendy-wsAn example of the difference Dwell makes to people's lives and how we work in partnership with other organisations.
Amanda and Louise now share a Dwell home, receiving support from Community Connections to live independently in the community, but they have had an interesting journey getting there.

Amanda was previously living in a cramped, rundown flat in Berhampore where drugs and drinking were a worry and the communal facilities weren't well maintained. She felt isolated, insecure and unhappy. She was supported by Wendy and Annie in Community Connections.

Louise used to live in Miramar in a subdivided house which she found cold. It was a long walk to the bus stop and she did not enjoy being on her own, isolated from her friends and not involved much in the community. So she felt insecure and unhappy too. Wendy was her support worker also.

Having worked with them both for six years, Wendy was aware that they knew each other and thought that it would be a great solution if they could flat together. When she learned that a flat might be available at Dwell, both families became fully involved in the decision to share a place and were very supportive. Dwell made things happen and Amanda and Louise duly moved in together.

This arrangement has turned out very well – both women are happier and more motivated, leading much more active lives. They live independently of each other, but can do things together. They cook separately because they like different meals, but they budget carefully and share the communal expenses.

They like the bright, airy, recently-built three-level flat, with each bedroom on a separate floor giving them privacy and the kitchen-lounge area in the middle providing good cooking facilities and living space. They say that the Newtown flat is easy to keep clean, it's warm, the rent is reasonable, and any repairs needed are handled promptly. It's close to the bus stop and shops and they joke that the stairs help to keep them fit.

Amanda and Louise contacted us in 2018 to ask if they were able to have a cat to complete their home. While tenants need to request permission to have a pet, we recognise the benefit a pet can bring to our tenants lives and wellbeing. Pepsi has settled in well, and Amanda and Louise love caring for her and having her as part of their family.

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