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Dwell Housing Trust is a new organisation, but one with a long history and a wealth of experience. Dwell became operational in 2013 following the merger of Wellington Housing Trust (WHT) and Mahora House Incorporated (MHI), who between them have more than 50 years experience in the community housing sector.

The joining of these two organisations created a uniquely experienced and capable organisation committed to the greater Wellington region. 

The combined experience and resources increased the range and quality of services and Dwell is well positioned to grow to meet some of the increasing housing needs in the region.

Dwell is a registered community housing provider with the Community Housing Regulatory Authority (within MBIE). Dwell is also a charitable trust registered with Charities Services. We are governed by a board of trustees and our CE manage's Dwell's day-to-day operations and housing services. The team is supported by volunteers and external contractors as required.

 See our people for more information. 

Neke atu i te rangatira whare noa iho
More than a landlord

Why "Dwell"?

Meaning of dwell: reside; to live; to live or stay as a permanent resident.

Wellington Housing Trust decided to establish a new entity so it could expand its area of operations and services. When it did this it gave a lot of thought to what the new trust should be called. The new name needed to be distinctive, relevant to the work of the trust, memorable and flexible enough to cover what the trust does now as well as things it might take on in the future.

'Dwell' was agreed on as it is a word that is closely linked with housing. 'Dwell' also contains 'well', which helps maintain the link with Wellington and provide continuity with the Wellington Housing Trust's history, as well as expressing the Trust's aims of helping its customers to live well and improve their wellbeing through providing healthy and affordable homes.

The logo

Andrew Fyfe from Enspiral developed the name and logo. This is what he said about the logo:

The identity is created from a single shape (a rhombus) which can be replicated and arranged into different pictures. It is similar to the tangram game. You are helping people 'shape' their own futures. The Trust pieces together many parts to create a home. In the primary logo, the picture is a house – two shapes for the roof (half in sunlight, half in shade) and one for the shadow falling on the grass. The negative space shows the shape of the building. The colours are vibrant, warm and happy, just like the trust's houses.

Our history

Want to learn more about the history of community housing in Wellington?

In celebration of our 25th anniversary in 2006, the Wellington Housing Trust commissioned Wellington public historian Ben Schrader to write More than a Landlord – a short history of Wellington Housing Trust (PDF, 2100kb).

In 2012 an accompanying update to this publication, More than a Landlord: 2007-2012 (PDF, 3100kb), was written by Louise Slocombe to celebrate the Wellington Housing Trust's 30th anniversary.

The history of Mahora House began in 1910 when a timber merchant built his home in Kilbirnie.  You can read more in the History of Mahora House (PDF, 383kb).

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Dwell Housing Trust provides affordable, quality housing for people in need or on a low income. We are more than a landlord - we ensure our tenants have access to the support they need and want to live well, do well and be well.

We believe that affordable, stable and healthy housing is a fundamental right, and that appropriate housing has long-lasting benefits for the people living within those households and the wider community.

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