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Strategic plan

Dwell draft strategic plan 2017-2020 (PDF, 2.9Mb)

Annual reports

Read our latest Annual Reports.

Dwell 2015-16 Annual Report (PDF, 6.4Mb)
Dwell 2014-15 Annual Report (PDF, 594kb)
Dwell 2013-14 Annual Report (PDF, 440kb)

WHT 2012 Annual Report (PDF, 956kb)
WHT 2011 Annual Report (PDF, 927kb)
WHT 2010 Annual Report (PDF, 2870kb)


More than a landlord

In celebration of the Wellington Housing Trust's 25th anniversary in 2006, WHT commissioned Wellington public historian Ben Schrader to write More than a Landlord – a short history of Wellington Housing Trust (PDF, 2100kb).

In 2012 an accompanying update to this publication, More than a Landlord: 2007-2012 (PDF, 3100kb), was written by Louise Slocombe to celebrate the Trust's 30th anniversary.

Homes that people can afford: how to improve housing in New Zealand

This book focuses on the concept of partnership to increase investment in affordable housing and is based on presentations and debate from a one-day workshop held in the University of Otago, Wellington in June 2012 - Partnerships for Social and Affordable Housing.

The Wellington Housing Trust was invited by Prof Philippa Howden-Chapman to contribute to the book and the resulting chapter "More than a landlord: realising the potential of the community housing sector" was written by Trustee Clare Aspinall, Director Alison Cadman and supporter Louise Carrington.

Bibliographic details:

Homes that people can afford: how to improve housing in New Zealand.
Sarah Biere, Philippa Howden-Chapamn and Lisa Early (eds).
New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities / He Kainga Oranga - Housing and Research Health Programme, 2013.


Are we really serious about the Community Housing Sector?
We advocate for social housing at the national level. One example is our publication Are we really serious about the Community Housing Sector? (PDF, 300kb), a proposal to increase funding to the sector.

Newsletter archive

Dwell no longer has a newsletter. Instead we regularly put news on our website and post weekly on Facebook. We also send a brief update email to all stakeholders at least once a year. 

Dwell Newsletter July 2015
Dwell Newsletter December 2014 (PDF, 120kb)
Dwell Newsletter April 2014 

WHT Newsletter June 2013 (PDF, 81kb)
WHT Newsletter December 2012 (PDF, 128kb)
WHT Newsletter June 2012 (PDF, 100kb)

Up to date news on Dwell and its activities can now be found on our news page and our facebook page.

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Dwell Housing Trust provides affordable, quality housing for people in need or on a low income. We are more than a landlord - we ensure our tenants have access to the support they need and want to live well, do well and be well.

We believe that affordable, stable and healthy housing is a fundamental right, and that appropriate housing has long-lasting benefits for the people living within those households and the wider community.

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