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January 2016 - Our Director is now our Chief Executive!

Last year the Dwell board engaged external expertise to evaluate the Director’s role. One of their recommendations was that the role title should change to Chief Executive to better reflect the responsibilities of the role and the needs of the organisation. The Dwell board approved this change at its first board meeting of this year.

So Alison Cadman is now our Chief Executive. A great milestone for the organisation and also a great acknowledgment of Alison’s fantastic work and leadership.  

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Dwell Housing Trust provides affordable, quality housing for people in need or on a low income. We are more than a landlord - we ensure our tenants have access to the support they need and want to live well, do well and be well.

We believe that affordable, stable and healthy housing is a fundamental right, and that appropriate housing has long-lasting benefits for the people living within those households and the wider community.

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