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Kilbirnie development progress

Week 56

 There are so many things to be proud of with our Mahora project, here's just one more. The homes are part of a BRANZ's study into air-tightness. Here you can see one test being carried out and the stats being collected. BRANZ will test again when the homes are complete.

Week 56 01

Week 56 02

Week 49

The kitchens in most of the units are almost done. The ovens aren't in as yet, but we are excited to imagine the delicious meals that will soon be cooked in the kitchens. 


 file9 1


Week 48

The exterior sans scaffolding of our Mahora Street project is looking pretty fine. Loving the colour scheme!

file10 1

file3 35

Week 47 

It's shoes (and hard hats) off for the new carpet at our Mahora Street build. We want these carpets pristine for when our tenants move in, no dirty boot prints on our watch! 

Thanks to the wonderful floor installers at Tinakori Flooring Commercial for installing the luscious (it certainly was underneath our shoe-less feet), but hard wearing carpets, which were provided at a discount by Belgotex Flooring.

 Hats and shoes off

Week 40 

Tomorrow marks the Summer Solstice and the windows at our Mahora Street project are certainly taking advantage of the extra daylight hours, the windows are flooding the apartments with plenty of light.

Thanks to APL Window Solutions who not only supplied these glorious double glazed windows, but also made a generous donation to our project.

Week 21 Part 2


Week 38

It may not be red carpet, but the wonderful people at Tinakori Flooring Commercial Ltd got to work rolling out the quality vinyl generously discounted by Jacobsen. We are grateful to both companies for their financial support of our project.

Kitchen cabinetry is also going in and with the light streaming into the kitchen, it is certainly looking good from the floor up!

 Week 38

Week 35 

Wilson Builders are certainly taking advantage of this fine spring weather we are having. In the front block, they are painting, plastering and installing acoustic floating. In the middle block they are working on cladding and suspended ceilings, and in the back block they are installing cladding and gib fixing. 

Week 35

Week 35 2

Week 33

Our CE Alison and Simon from Novan+Middleton have seen the light, the light at the end of these newly installed internal stairs within our units. The stairs are made by Stylecraft Stairways who also made a generous donation towards the Mahora project, so a huge thank you to them. 

Week 33 1

Week 33 2

Week 32

The green, pre-cladding boards have served us well and kept the build watertight, but it is so nice to see the cladding going up.

Week 32 2

Week 32 3

Week 29 

And we are all about linings! At this week's Project Control Group meeting we were so excited to see GIB® onsite and on the walls, as well as and also interior doors hung! Behind these linings is some great insulation that will keep our tenants warm and healthy. 

Mahora Linings 2

Week 27 

Dwell's staff, patron and board, along with our supporters, partners and other friends of Dwell came together to celebrate five years of Dwell Housing Trust and our Kilbirnie development. 

We were also delighted that the Minister for Building and Construction and Associate Minister for Housing and Urban Development, Jenny Salesa was able to join us for the celebration and to assist our patron, Chief Ombudsman Peter Boshier in the burying of the time capsule.

As well as a celebration, it was a great opportunity for our guests to see the work in progress and to visualise the homes they will become to families and individuals in need.

Week 27 1


Week 27 2

Week 27

Week 26 

The ranch sliders are in at our Mahora Street development, and soon they will accompany sun filled north facing balconies. Ka mau te pai - that's fantastic. Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori. This week is Māori language week, and one of the meanings of mahora in Te Reo Māori is "spread out". We hope to see many more homes for people in need "spread out" far and wide in Te Whanganui-a-Tara and Aotearoa. 

 Week 26

Week 23

The rear block is coming together, what a great view from the top too, perfect for spotting plane at nearby Wellington airport!

Week 23

Week 21

We have some of the windows going in, lovely and warm double glazed windows. This week we stood, basking in the sunlight, having our project control group meeting, in what will be soon be a bedroom. I wonder who's bedroom it will turn out to be! 

Week 21 Part 2

Week 21

Week 19

We have walls! We've never been so excited about walls before! The apartments blocks are emerging and it's not hard to imagine the homes they'll soon become for people and families

Week 19

Week 17

Week 17 and our CE Alison  and our housing manager Liz were able to climb to the third level of the build. It's really beginning to take shape!

Week 17

Week 15 

The build is really coming along, the construction is beginning to resemble buildings! We are beyond excited to see how this continues to progress. We also can't wait for people and families to turn these emerging buildings into homes.  

Week 15

Week 13

Finally, a break in the rain to pour the concrete slab in the third, and rear block . All of this happening whilst the project control group were having their postponement day project control group meeting on site. Timing is everything. 



Week 7

The framing is up on the front section of the build. We've been lucky to have great weather and great builders who are really working hard! This week also saw the first Project Control Group meet on site for the first time. Here's our housing manager Liz with the great team of people from Maltbys, Wilson Building, novak+middleton who are working on the project with us. 



Week 4 

We have foundations! It's so exciting to see our Kilbirnie build progress.  


Week 1 

This week, Wilson Building started work on our housing project in Kilbirnie, and we are delighted that work to provide more homes for those in need has begun. As the Architects Novak+Middleton designed build progresses, we'll share more details and take you all on the journey with us. 


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